The appellation is today organised into four principal ridge lines running north to south, with altitudes varying from 180 to 300 metres.

    - Moncaup-Cannet      

    - Viella-Crouseilles

    - Maumusson              

    - Portet-Lembeye


The Pyrenean foothills have a wide variety of soil types. This is why land types in Madiran are so diversified.
















Clay-limestone on the steep slopes. 

These are stony, well-drained soils, 

among the best in the appellation, 

which produce well-structured wines 

with good aging potential.

Clays on the intermediate flats:

these are light, permeable soils

that heat up quickly,

giving supple, easy-to-drink wines.

 Depending on the area, 

these clays can be beige, red,

gravel or alios-based, etc.

Smooth pebbles on the dominant hilltops. 

Generally well-exposed, 

these well-drained soils

retain heat and yield silky wines.


crédits :  carte David CHAUVAUD


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