Madiran is a remarkable wine. Intense, endowed with lovely rich aromas, especially black fruits like cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant. It is full and dense, nicely refreshing with silky tannins and a hint of spice.


Madiran should be served at 16°/17°. It goes well with all types of cuisine: grilled meats, lamb, traditional south-west cooking, sheep’s cheese and more originally, world cuisine or chocolate desserts.







Styles of Madiran

Two styles of Madiran are available:





Core-range wines also called “Madiran Tradition” are the fruit of a Tannat and Cabernet blend. The wine is matured for at least one year, principally in tanks, but part of the blend can be transferred to oak barrels. These are intensefresh and fruity wines that are pleasant to drink as an aperitif with full-flavoured appetisers such as bacon-rolled prunes, melon-Bayonne ham brochettes, marinated peppers or cured meats, grilled red meat, spicy risotto and free-range poultry.




The high-end range is comprised of Tannat-dominant vintages. They undergo a minimum aging of one year in oak
barrels. These wines are powerful and elegant, marked by aromas of toast, leather, liquorice and spices. They go
wonderfully with a marbled rib of beef, duck magret with fresh figs, a leg of lamb, some Bigorre black pork or a Thai
beef curry.

There are also a few select prestigious vintages: a jubilation of Madiran that highlight the best terroirs in the appellation.






Madiran wines are timeless. They all share the same ability to withstand the passage of time and aging in the cellar. When enjoyed young, after two to three years maturing, they express notes of red and black fruit. When in their prime, they reveal spicy and candied aromas.


Depending on the vintage, the “core-range” wines can be consumed as soon as they are marketed and for the following 5 years. It is worth keeping the “high-end” wines for two to three years before drinking and they can be aged in the cellar for 10 years and more.


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