Tannat, the grape variety of choice from the Pyrenean Piedmont, is the basis for Madiran’s identity and originality. Very rare, with no more than 3500 hectares throughout the world, it today represents close to 70% of the appellation’s vine stock.


In all probability originating from the Bearn region, Tannat belongs to the Cotoide family that has been present in the South-West since Roman times.


The term tannat comes from the Occitan: tan “tannin”, i.e.: tanned. It is made up of compact, cylindrical two-handled grape bunches; spherical, blue-black medium-sized berries with thick skin. It is a late-ripening productive variety which flourishes wonderfully on Madiran lands.






Tannat alone or blended


The appellation decree requires that 60 to 80% of vine plantations are of Tannat on a given estate in
order to obtain the AOP Madiran label.

A Madiran wine must contain a minimum of 50% Tannat. This can be increased to 100% in certain vintages. The wines must undergo a mandatory year of maturing before being marketed.


Complementary grape varieties that are authorised come from the Carmenet family, originating from the Adour basin in the Pyrenees. They include:
- Cabernet Franc 20%
- Cabernet Sauvignon 10%
- Fer Servadou 1%


Health and Tannat


Tannins act as an antiseptic agent against contaminating bacteria and protect against oxidation. It should be recalled that Tannat is exceptionally rich in polyphenols, which are natural anti-oxidants, making Tannat the best representative of the “French Paradox”, much envied by wine consumers all over the world. The anti-oxidant properties of Tannat play an essential part in protecting against cardio-vascular disease.


In his book “The Wine Diet”, published in France as “Boire mieux pour vivre mieux”, British-born Roger Corder, Professor of Experimental Therapeutics at the William Harvey Research Institute Queen Mary, University of London, publishes the results of a scientific study demonstrating that average life expectancy for men over 75 in south-west France is the highest for the whole of France. On the daily menu: fresh produce and… a glass of Madiran!





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