Cellar work

In the 1990s, confident in the potential of their grape variety, a group of winemakers pursued experiments and adjustments in the cellar. Macerations were prolonged, extractions were gentler and some estates even started using cap punching techniques. Procedures for destemming, crushing, pumping over and tank transfer are all reviewed.


Likewise, maturing in oak barrels is also the result of years of research carried out notably by the “Domaines et Châteaux” group, led by oenologist Patrick Ducournau. More than a passing trend, control over barrel maturing reveals all the potential of the grape. Tannat needs time and oxygenation for its rich tannins to evolve properly. This is why today the appellation decree requires the wines to be matured at least until the 15th of October of the year following the harvest.


Conception, Réalisation Winao

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